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Details of SZCZAWA _ Rainbow project 

In the Rainbow project in Szczawa, customers decided to use a very unique solution of a fired board, which additionally contrasts well with the wooden white windows. Such a facade deserves special attention.

Wood fired with the traditional Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban is distinguished by its original, noble appearance. The flames of the fire allow you to bring out and emphasize the natural beauty of the boards and give them additional visual value.

The method is based on the work of a craftsman who removes naturally flammable elements from the surface of the wood. The carbonized layer is an excellent protection against factors that damage the boards, such as fungi, mold and moisture.

Advantages of Japanese technique
- has an unusual way of conservation
- elegant and original look
- a timeless solution
- perfect protection against harmful factors: fungi, molds, moisture
- fire strengthens the raw material, the boards are durable and resistant
- does not require painting every few years

In the case of this project, our company was the general contractor of the investment.

Remember - the given solutions are the suggestion of architects and engineers, but you, as a customer, decide about the final appearance of your building.

building areainfo 50 m2
floor surfaceinfo 45 m2
total surfaceinfo 55 m2
entresol 20 m2
lenght 10 m
width 5 m
ridge high 5,5 m
room + open living room 2x
bathroom 1x  



Byggesystemet vil tilbyr, er prefabrikkerte gulv-, vegg- og takelementer.